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Compared with the alarming translation, the story of "The Result of the Split Lottery" is actually about despair, haze and unalterable loneliness in a pool of stagnant water. Even though there are crimes, poisons and violence in this story, it is more used to write about a lonely man who, in order to get rid of his loneliness, goes to a more lonely end. On the whole, the story is calm, but there is a kind of internal violence of depression and depression. It's the precise interpretation of this indescribable oppression and loneliness that Marcelo Font won the award of Best Actor at the 71st Cannes Film Festival. The story takes place in a suburb of Italy. Marcelo, a thin and wooden man, runs a pet hospital to make a living. He treats dogs and combs dogs all day long. His daughter, who lives with his mother, occasionally comes to him. Apart from quiet life, the man sells cocaine occasionally. After all, it's a place of chaos and disorder. One of his friends, Simonisio, was a hooligan whose recklessness and rudeness finally overturned Marcelo's life one day.《开奖结果》一点都不惊魂,相较于耸听的译名,它的故事其实写的是一潭死水里的绝望、灰霾和不可篡改的孤独命运。即便这故事里有犯罪、有毒品、有暴力,但它更多的笔墨却用来写一个孤独的男人为了摆脱孤独却反而走向了更孤绝的终点。整体而言,这个故事是平静的,却有一种内暴式的憋闷与压抑。正是对这份难以言传的压抑与孤独的精准演绎,在第71届戛纳电影节上,马尔切洛·丰特拿下了最佳男主角的殊荣。故事发生在意大利的一个城郊,瘦弱木讷的马塞洛开着一家宠物医院赖以谋生,终日给恶犬治伤,给小狗梳毛,跟随母亲生活的女儿偶尔会来找他,平静生活之外,这个男人偶尔贩卖一点可卡因,那毕竟是个混乱失序的地方。他的一位朋友西蒙尼西奥是一个混混,后者的莽撞和粗鲁终于在某一天彻底掀翻了马塞洛的生活。

This is the whole story of a rude, seemingly questionable rascal man, a cowardly, even trivial little man, arguing with each other for a bag of cocaine money, for the sake of so-called morality, and finally falling into the trap of innocence. But after careful analysis of the text, does it really describe the entanglement between the two men? To some extent, the background is more important than the main line of the story. This small suburb, like the abandoned corner of the gods, is grabbed by people and killed by themselves. So if you can get away from the entanglement and struggle between the two men and look down from the air, you will find that, This small area is just a model of the food chain. There are fierce beasts, dirty hyenas and many helpless herbivores. The "kennel" directly points out their living conditions. Obviously, the "dog" actually refers to people.一个粗鲁的,看起来脑子有些问题的莽汉,一个懦弱的,甚至有些猥琐的矮小男人,互相争执,为了一袋可卡因的钱,为了所谓的义气,最终陷入无妄之灾,这就是故事的全部了。但仔细分析这个文本,它写的真的是这两个男人之间的纠葛吗?某种程度而言,在这部电影中,背景比故事的主线更加重要,这个小小的城郊,终日灰霾,像被神明废弃的边角,人们你争我抢,自生自灭,所以,如果能抽离于这两个男人之间的纠缠与争斗,从空中俯瞰这一切,就会发现,这个小小的地域不过是一个食物链的模型。有凶狠的猛兽,有猥琐的土狼,有众多无奈的食草动物。而“犬舍”直接点明了他们生存的境遇,显然,“犬”实则指代人。

In most movies, metaphor is an embellishment. In this story, metaphor is almost the movie itself. At the beginning of the movie, Marcelo carefully bathed a grinning dog. Later, his main job was to shear the gentle poodles, which corresponded to the poodles and the VIPs. Marcelo's daughters like diving. They search the famous diving places on the computer. They want to go here or there, beautiful seashores with blue sky and white clouds, but they can only go underwater once and again. What they want to do is to escape, but ultimately they can do it, but only sink. For a short time in the water, to shield the vulgarity and violence of the real world above the surface of the water, but the quiet underwater is only a temporary illusion, he will eventually rise to the surface, face directly and even get involved in dirt.在大多数电影中,隐喻是一种点缀,而在这个故事中,隐喻几乎就是电影本身,电影开场,马塞洛在小心翼翼地给一条龇牙咧嘴的恶犬洗澡,后来,他的主要工作是给那些温驯的贵宾犬剪毛,恶犬和贵宾各有对应。马塞洛的女儿喜欢潜水,他们在电脑上查询那些着名的潜水地,想去往这里或者那里,一个个蓝天白云的优美海滨,但最终只能一次次在周围的海边下水,他们想做的是逃离,但最终能做的,不过只是下沉。在水中短暂的时光,用以屏蔽水面之上真实世界的粗鄙和暴力,但沉静的水下不过只是暂时的幻境,他终将浮上水面,直面甚至卷入肮脏。

I used to have a colleague who resigned about two years after joining the company. I interviewed him when he came in, and I was very impressed by his understanding of business and industry. I hardly hesitated to hire him. But when he arrived, he was silent, rarely heard his voice in every group meeting, and hardly saw his exposure in everyday life. On one occasion, the marketing department wanted to further explore a certain business and invited him to participate. As there were few people involved in the discussion, he shared his views boldly. The meeting shocked the marketing manager. She came up to me and said, "I didn't expect your subordinate to be very good. His insight into the market made me look at it with great surprise." So I asked his manager to distribute more business to him, hoping that he could seize the opportunity to show himself. However, he still acts on his own, does not communicate with his superiors, and hardly talks about his work progress and suggestions. In this way, his image became blurred in my eyes.我以前有个同事,加入公司大概2年后提出辞职。他进来时是我面试的他,当时他对业务和行业的理解给我留下了非常深刻的印象,我几乎毫不犹豫地决定聘用他。但是他来了之后,沉默寡言,每一次团队开会讨论,极少听到他的声音,日常也几乎看不到他的曝光。有一次市场部想对某个业务做进一步的探讨,邀请了他参加。由于那次参与讨论的人员很少,他比较大胆地分享了自己的看法。那次会议震惊了市场部经理,她跑过来对我说,没想到你这位下属很厉害哦,他对市场的洞察让我刮目相看。于是我让他的经理给他分配更多的业务,希望他能够抓住机会崭露头角。但是他依旧我行我素,不太和上级交流,也几乎不怎么讲自己的工作进展和建议。就这样,他的形象在我眼中又变得模糊了。

At the end of the year, the manager and I mentioned his performance. He said that this colleague really knows business well, but he prefers to work in a tightheaded way, not to communicate with others, and not to use the strength of the team to solve problems together. Although the manager praised him for his hard work and ability, I still had no feeling for him. Because he hardly ever communicates with me on his own initiative, I don't think he has outstanding achievements. We had an exchange when he left. He feels that his development here is limited and neglected. I asked him if you had ever thought about it and why it was not taken seriously. He was silent for a long time, and then said, I believe in my ability, I also work hard every day, but I am not willing to go to show myself, I always feel that as long as enough effort is good enough, someone will see. But it turned out that my method was not successful. Do you feel familiar with the situation of your colleagues? You may think that you are the hardest one in the company, that you work overtime the latest, that you work dirty and tiring, and that you do the best, but it's not your turn to get a promotion or a raise. The people who joined the company at the same time as you may be a lot ahead of you in a few years, but you are still working hard in the same place.年终回顾时,经理和我提起他的表现,他说,这个同事其实很懂业务,但是他比较喜欢自己闷头工作,不太懂得和别人交流,也不会利用团队的力量来共同解决问题。尽管经理夸他工作很努力,而且能力也好,可我还是对他没有感觉。因为他几乎从不主动和我沟通,我也不觉得他有出类拔萃的业绩。他离开的时候,我们进行过一次交流。他感觉在这里发展受限,不受重视。我问他,你有没有反思过,为什么会不受重视呢?他沉默许久,然后说,我相信我的能力,我每天也都很努力,只是我不太愿意去show自己,我总觉得只要够努力够优秀,就有人会看见。但事实证明,我这种方法并不成功。同事这种情况,你是否觉得熟悉? 你可能认为自己是公司最努力的那一个,加班最晚的是你,脏活累活是你,业绩最好的是你,但是晋升和加薪却轮不到你。和你同期进公司的人,也许几年后已经比你领先了很多,而你仍然在原地踏步地埋头苦干。

Is this fair? It can be said that it is unfair or fair. If a person has the ability, if he does not show himself or make use of the team's strength, then TA will be difficult to discover. Because when buried in sand, even gold can't be known. Why can Fan Bingbing dominate the entertainment industry for ten years? Because she has a purpose, that is, no matter good news or bad news, she will appear in the headlines of entertainment media every day. You brush entertainment news, every time you see Fan Bingbing, can she not fire? There is a Korean singer named Huang Zhilie, who came out for nine years and accidentally became popular because of a variety show. After becoming famous, the audience found that he was so versatile that he could sing and dance. He did not stop working hard for this day. He lived in the attic and used stools as fitness equipment. He practiced singing at the bottom of the bridge without money to practice his voice. He succeeded with strong self-discipline. But before he became popular, who knew he was so good? We are only one of many ordinary employees in the workplace. You work hard, others are not lazy, you are very capable, others are not bad. So how do you stand out?出现这种情况公平吗?可以说不公平,也可以说公平。一个人再有能力,如果不会展示自己,不会利用团队的力量,那么TA就很难被发掘。因为被沙土埋起来后,就算是金子也无法为人所知。范冰冰为什么可以称霸娱乐圈长达十年之久?因为她有一个宗旨,那就是无论好消息坏消息,她都要出现在每天的娱乐媒体头条。你刷娱乐新闻,每次看到的都是范冰冰,她能不火吗?有个韩国歌星叫黄致列,他出道9年偶然因为一个综艺节目才走红。出名了后观众发现他原来那么多才多艺,会唱歌会跳舞。他为了这一天,没有停止过努力,住在阁楼拿凳子当健身器材,没钱去练声就在桥底练唱歌。他靠着强大的自律实现了成功。可是,在没红之前,又有谁知道他如此优秀呢?我们在职场里,只是众多普通职员中一名。你很努力,别人也没有懒惰,你很能干,别人也不差。那么你要如何脱颖而出呢?

It is a very passive way to rely on death and wait to be discovered. To know that there are so many employees in the enterprise, we are only one of dozens or even hundreds of employees of the boss. What we can attract the attention of others? All the workplace runs quickly, know a secret truth, it is active to show their presence, brush. If a person who is excellent in himself knows how to show himself in front of others, how to share his success stories with you from time to time, and how to let the boss see your outstanding performance intentionally or unintentionally, then you are different in the eyes of others. It's gold, so dare to jump out and tell you, hey, I'm here. I've done some great things. I'd like to share them with you. I hope we can learn from each other and make progress together. Only in this way can be seen the flash point. Many people will feel embarrassed. In fact, show is not boasting, but inspiring others. To share and learn, to impress the boss and colleagues, will be faster than the general population growth.靠死磕,等着被人发掘,这实在是一种非常被动的做法。要知道企业里有这么多员工,我们只是老板几十名甚至上百名员工之一。我们凭什么能吸引别人的关注呢?所有在职场中跑得快的人,都知道一个秘而不宣的道理,那就是积极主动的展示自己,刷存在感。如果一个本身就很优秀的人,懂得在众人面前展示自己,懂得时不时将自己的成功案例分享给大家,懂得有意无意让老板看到你的杰出表现,那你在别人眼中已然不同。是金子,就要敢于自己跳出来告诉大家,嗨,我在这里。我做了一些很棒的事,我愿意和你们分享,希望我们相互学习共同进步。只有这样,才能被人看到闪光点。很多人会觉得不好意思,其实show出自己优秀的一面,并不是在吹嘘,而是给别人启发。乐于分享和学习的人,会给老板和同事留下深刻印象,会比一般人成长的更快。

If you don't know how to cooperate in the workplace, you are doomed to have limited access to growth. Some people with smart or good basic qualities are more likely to achieve some results in the early stage of the workplace. But as the position moves up, non-cooperation will become the ceiling of career development. People with well-developed careers will be more aware of the limitations as their responsibilities become larger and their positions become higher. No one is a talented person. Those who consider themselves omniscient or omnipotent either have narrow and unchanged areas of responsibility or are short-sighted and limited in ability. Only by cooperating with the team can we gather different opinions and fundamentally solve the problem of one-sided opinions. In order to maximize the benefits. When you fight alone, your success belongs to you and has nothing to do with others. You can't get other people's blessing. When people look at you, they often have a bystander mentality, or envy or even hate. When you fail, it's your own business. It has nothing to do with others. There's a tendency for people to push against walls.在职场中如果不懂合作,注定上升通道有限。有些具有小聪明或者基础素质不错的人,比较容易在职场初期取得一些成绩。但是随着职位往上走,不会合作将成为职场发展的天花板。事业发展很好的人,随着职责越大职位越高,都会倍感知识的局限性。没有人是全才。那些认为自己无所不知无所不能的人,要么就是负责的领域狭窄且没有变化,要么就是目光短浅且能力有限。只有和团队合作,才能集合不同的意见,从根本上解决自己见解片面的问题。从而创造利益最大化。当你一个人单打独斗时,你的成功是属于你自己的,和他人无关,你无法得到别人的祝福。众人看待你时,往往抱有旁观者心态,或者羡慕嫉妒甚至恨。当你失败了,那是你自己的事,和他人无关,搞不好还有墙倒众人推之趋势。

But if you take the initiative to work with teams, invite more people to your work, listen to others'opinions, and encourage and appreciate others' help on various occasions, you are actually creating a circle where you and them are a community of honor and disgrace. When you succeed, the military medal is half yours and half mine. When you fail, it doesn't matter. We all share the responsibility. As a worker, no matter what ability is high or low, we should learn to use the strength of the team. Weak ability, team members will give you more help; strong ability, invite others to participate, team members will recognize you more. When the team and you work closely, your influence circle will gradually expand, and your personal reputation and exposure will be rapidly improved. The more people know you recognize you, the more your strengths will be amplified. Those who feel capable but depressed always think that they have not met Bole or been treated unfairly.可是如果你会主动和团队合作,邀请更多的人加入到你的工作,你听取别人的意见,并在各种场合鼓励和赞赏别人对你的帮助的话,你其实就是在营造一种圈子,即你和他们是一个荣辱与共的共同体。当你成功了,军功章有你的一半,也有我的一半。当你失败了,没关系,我们大家共同来承担。身为职场人,无论能力孰高孰低,都要学会利用团队的力量。能力弱,团队成员会给你更多的帮助;能力强,邀请别人一起参与,团队成员会对你更加认可。当团队和你紧密的工作时,你的影响圈就逐渐扩大,你的个人口碑和曝光度也会得到迅速提高。越多人知道你认可你,你的优势就越能得到放大。那些觉得自己有能力,却郁郁不得志的人,总是认为没有遇到伯乐,或者受到不公平待遇。

In fact, success is affected by many factors, including whether you actively look for opportunities to show yourself, whether you have carefully managed the network to help you, are the key factors for success. Instead of entangling with external causes, we should seriously reflect on whether our direction is wrong. Don't believe that gold will shine sooner or later. Where does the light come from without the irradiation of the surrounding environment? You can't be discovered without initiative. What's more, there's so much gold nowadays, it doesn't matter if there's one more or one less. Hi, buddies, I'm Sister Vian. I write articles from my own years of study and work experience, communication, EQ and wisdom of life are also derived from my experience. In fact, the most interesting part of the story is the interpersonal relationship. Everyone and everyone seem to be friends, but everyone and everyone seem to be indifferent. Sometimes they play football together, sometimes they drink together, they talk about killing someone like talking about where to eat at night, and in the face of violence, facing humiliation, these people never want to seek public power, police help. In their world, it seems only natural that they should solve all the problems they face, just like when they are frustrated by humiliation, they are only angry, "Sooner or later he will be killed, that's for sure." It never occurred to them that the wicked would be punished by law and that distrust of the instinct of justice and fairness had infiltrated the genes of all living things in this dark corner.其实成功受到很多因素的影响,其中你有没有积极主动寻找展示自己的机会,你有没有用心经营人脉来帮助你,都是成功的关键因素。与其纠结外因,不如认真反思自己的方向是否走错。不要再相信是金子迟早会发光的废话。缺少周围环境的照射,光芒从何而来?不主动,你就无法被发掘。更何况现在金子这么多,多一个少一个也无所谓。嗨,小伙伴们,我是薇安姐。我写的文章都来自于我自己多年的学习和工作经验,沟通,情商和人生智慧也都出自于我的体会。这故事中最有趣的其实还有人际关系,每个人和每个人好像都是朋友,但每个人与每个人似乎又冷漠无比。他们有时一起踢球,有时一起喝酒,他们谈论起杀掉谁就像谈论晚上去哪里吃饭,而面对暴力,面对羞辱,这群人从未想过寻求公权,警察的帮助。在他们的世界中,自己解决所面对的一切似乎才是天经地义的事,就像他们在备受羞辱的无奈之后,也只是愤愤地言之凿凿,“他早晚会被人干掉,这是肯定的事。”他们从不会想到,恶人会受到法律的惩处,对于公平、正义本能的不信任已经潜进这个幽暗角落中所有生物的基因。

Is friendship among these people? If it was a friend, how could it be so violent between friends? If not, why would Marcelo rather go to prison than give up the real murderer? After he was released from prison, he said that it was because of morality, because he wanted to divide up the loot, but in fact, it was like an excuse to say that he could not export, or maybe even because he did not want to fall into loneliness. He preferred to be beaten and blackmailed, but in the end he completely isolated himself. All this is paradoxical and desperate. These people live like animals and die like animals. Even the last killing of a person is like killing a dog. In order to prove himself and to re-disperse his loneliness, Marcelo completed the killing, shouted and ran to the court, trying to prove himself to the public, but found that there was no one there. This end is heavy and absurd, fate can not be said, trying to avoid lonely people, and finally gambling on everything, but still unable to avoid the loneliness as blunt.这群人之间算是友谊吗?如果是朋友,朋友间怎么会如此暴力相向,如果不是,那为什么马塞洛宁肯进监狱也不愿意供出真凶?出狱后,他自己说那是因为义气,是因为想分赃,但实际上这都像是说得出口的借口,说不出口的,甚至或许连他自己都未曾明了的原因是因为不想陷入孤独。他宁愿被殴打,勒索,但最终,却因此让自己彻底被孤立。这一切吊诡又绝望。这群人活得像动物,死得像动物,连最后对一个人的杀戮都犹如屠杀一只狗。马塞洛为了证明自己,为了重新驱散孤单,他完成了杀戮,呼喊着跑向球场,想向众人证明自己,却发现那里空无一人。这结尾举重若轻,荒诞又沉重,宿命无法言说,拼命躲避孤独的人,最终赌上一切,却仍然无法躲开如钝器般袭来的孤单。



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