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At the weekend, there was a snowfall in Hangzhou and Shanghai, but the sun was shining in Beijing. My daughter-in-law is from Shanghai. When it snows in Shanghai, she is in Beijing. She regrets that she can't see the snow in the south. I am in Shanghai. On the way to buy vegetables, my hands and feet are cold. She is totally insensitive to the snow, not to mention the bigger scene last year. This evening, I picked up my children from school and it was raining again in Shanghai. My son said excitedly, "Today, the teacher said that from tomorrow, we will be allowed to take warm babies to school." I thought to myself, a man should be strong, a little cold air is nothing. But I also think that those who know the current affairs are good people. Should they bow their heads or bow their heads? Sometimes the back door of their classroom is still open. It's time to find a warm baby suitable for boys. A few days ago, some foreign media were recommending products for the discount season. Laura Miller, an American book reviewer, recommended a hot water bag. Because she had just moved into a friend's farmhouse in Maine and felt the sheets were cold when she slept, she bought a basic hot water bag for $12.99 with a sweater attached. Set. When sleeping in the evening, changing hot water during the day and warming legs at work, it's almost no need to feed, walk, or follow a pet to collect excrement.周末的时候,杭州、上海下了一场雪,北京却是艳阳高照。我媳妇是上海人,上海下雪的时候她在北京,为看不到南方的雪而感到遗憾,我在上海,在买菜的路上冻得手脚冰凉,对雪景完全无感,何况去年那场更大。今天傍晚接孩子放学,上海又在下小雨,我儿子兴奋地说:“今天老师说,明天起允许我们带暖宝宝去上学。”我心想,男子汉要坚强点,一点冷空气算什么。但又想,识时务者为俊杰,该低头还是要低头,他们教室有时后门还敞开着,该找找适合男孩用的暖宝宝了。前几天国外一些媒体都在推荐打折季可以入手的商品,美国书评人劳拉·米勒推荐的居然是一款热水袋,因为她刚刚搬进朋友在缅因州的农舍里,睡觉时觉得被单冰凉,于是她买了基本款的热水袋,售价12.99美元,还附送毛衣般的套。晚上睡觉时用,白天还换一次热水,工作时用来暖腿,简直是不用喂食、不用遛、不用跟着捡屎的宠物。

Last year, I moved my children from Beijing to Shanghai, and the most reluctant thing is the heating in Beijing in winter. Over the past ten years in Beijing, we have rented the house of Lidu Hotel staff. It is said that the heating there is a hotel, so the heating is delivered early, stopped late, and the temperature is very high every year. The house is a bit old and airtight, but it is still very hot inside. The last rented house, the district is opposite the thermal plant obliquely, winter at home also wear short sleeves, my son because of dry eczema and itching all over. The heating in the north is either gas or hot water in the pipeline. So every year before heating, there will be a water test, thermal companies require each family to keep people, see if it is leaking. So the north is also very painful and difficult before heating starts. During the heating period, the room will be dry and need humidification. This is collective heating, some households and property disputes, do not pay heating fees, hitchhiking.去年我带着孩子从北京搬到了上海,最舍不得的应该就是北京冬天的暖气了。在北京的十多年间,我们租住过丽都饭店职工的房子,据说那里的暖气是酒店的,所以每年暖气送的早,停的晚,温度还特别高,房子有点老,密闭性一般,但里头仍非常热。最后一次租的房,小区斜对面就是热力厂,冬天家里也要穿短袖,我儿子因为干性湿疹而浑身发痒。北方的暖气不是气,无非就是管道里一直有热水。所以每年供暖前,都会有一次试水,热力公司要求每户家里要留人,看是不是漏水。所以北方在供暖开始前也是很痛苦、很难熬的。供暖期间呢,房间又会比较干,需要加湿。这是集体供暖,有的住户跟物业有纠纷,就不交供暖费,搭便车。

If you use a wall-mounted stove in your home, or if you burn hot water in your community, it will be more expensive to call it self-heating. In a house I rented, the hot water for my family's living needs to be paid for by the property. One grandfather said that he would not buy it because hot water comes out only after turning on the tap and putting in cold water for a few minutes. Some new residential areas burn natural gas for heating. The advantage is that they can start heating whenever they want, and the temperature can be adjusted by themselves. But if the neighbors are not in, the heating is more arduous. The gas for heating in a winter will cost about 5,000 yuan. Because natural gas is more environmentally friendly than coal-fired collective heating, the government will give some subsidies, and some units may reimburse workers for heating costs of a certain area. If you spend more than 5,000 yuan a winter, you can wear short sleeves at home on snowy days. Southerners can also afford it. It is the idea that prevents Southerners from enjoying the heating. Now some new districts in Shanghai are also warming up when they are on sale. It's wasteful to wear short sleeves in winter when the heating is hot, but in cold areas, there's reason to use heating. My hometown is near Xuzhou. When I was a child, there were many children with chilblain. My hands were red and swollen with cold, and purple. Some people often taught a folk prescription, which was to smear the frozen place with oil in the head of sparrows.如果是自己家里用壁挂炉,或者小区自己烧热水,叫自采暖,会比较贵。我租过的一个房子,家里生活用的热水也要向物业花钱买,一位大爷说,他就不买,因为打开水龙头放几分钟冷水之后,才会出热水。一些新的小区,自己家烧天然气取暖,好处是想什么时候开始烧就什么时候开始热,温度也可以自己调,但如果上下左右的邻居没入住,烧起来更费劲,一个冬天取暖用的燃气大概要五千元起。由于天然气比集体供暖的燃煤要环保,政府会给一点补贴,有的单位可能也会给职工报销一定面积的取暖费。一个冬天只要花5000多块钱,就可以下雪天在家里穿短袖,南方人也花得起,妨碍南方人享受到暖气的是观念。现在上海一些新的小区开售时也有地暖了。冬天暖气热到穿短袖的地步确实有些浪费,但在严寒地区,确实有理由使用暖气。我老家在徐州附近,小时候生冻疮的小朋友很多,小手冻得红肿、发紫,经常有人传授一个偏方,是用麻雀脑袋里的油涂抹冻破的地方。

In that year, Mr. Yang Zhuangshi was known by his alumni as an Israeli entrepreneur who started his business in China, and EMBA of Guoxing College established some Chinese entrepreneurs to see it in Israel. Later on, he did it in a reasonable way and got it through the examination. Such a thing should be handed over to me to raise my loftiness and replace my pride with a small one. The other two did one thing together, that is to say, I know about it. Since then, I know it comes from Israel's height and height. In fact, Gao had been in China for five or six years at that time. Xiao Gao followed him to learn his essays. Fang would take the entrance exam to Peking University. At that time, he was studying literature preparatory course in foreign trade and economics. After a thorough conversation, I found that Xiao Gao was more important than economics, and I still had my own idea of creating this, which was not much different from the many foreigners who were left and right at that time. At that time, I went to Peking University to listen to Zhang Weiying's lecture. I often listened to it more than economics theory. Later, Xiao Gao successfully entered Peking University and co-founded it. In 2016, I want to do something together. In 2016, I began to think about entrepreneurship. I was in Graduate Two. At first, I had a friend video short meaning. Initially for football is also short video for Xinghe guide Ran, then feel four upsurge, but my generation is not good at business.那一年,杨壮师因校友系知之在中国创业之以色列企业家高,既而国兴院EMBA结了些中国之企业家去以色列视创。其后再行,其以理行文、考得之,,如此之事交与我养高以傲代为与小。此余两一同干了一件,亦即以此事吾知矣。在其后,吾知其自以色列之高与小高。其实,高其时已在中国耳五六年,小高随其来后学之文,方将考北大,那时在外经贸读文学预科。聊得深入之后,我见小高于重于经济学、创此尚有己之识,与当时左右者多外国人都不甚也。当时,我当往北大听张维迎之课,常往听之重于经济学理论。再后,小高成功地入北大,当初共创矣。盖在2016年也,我欲共干点事。2016年,我始思创业之事也,我在读研二。一开始,我有一个朋视频青短之意。初发为足球也短视频为兴和导然也,那时觉四一股创热潮,但我辈皆不善业焉。

It was easy for me to watch videos of gambling fans at the team's home stadium. The following was a post-match angry comment, or a scene of excitement when the team won, or a team of self-criticism. When it was, this article was already familiar on YouTube. I also saw short videos on YouTube, so I want to copy them? In my opinion, youth is a global word. There is no boundaries. If there are Real Madrid fans in China, there are also Real Madrid fans overseas. I think that the Chinese Real Madrid fans or good teams are home-grown, so it was the first time I started exploring short videos. Because of its retry, occasionally short videos mean to me, the most humble business. You have a machine or a slightly longer SLR, but you want to do it intentionally. I chose to go abroad to get fans. They are already published on YouTube and Twitter. I asked him, "Can you be a Chinese fan? Junsu spent twenty to fifteen minutes talking after the game. I posted this video on the Chinese fan community and on the stage." In addition, I also found some overseas high school students, such as the football country of England, and I sent students to the gate to gather for the street. Later, I copied it to the World Cup. In 2016, when the European Championship was held in France, I turned the small demolition into street mining.我初之心易,令其在球队主场看赌之球迷上视频,如下一段之赛后颇怒之论,或自球队赢球之时其场景激动者之,或自论几句从之球队。当是时,此文在YouTube上既已熟矣。我亦在YouTube上见其青短视频,则欲得复制然者??以我以青为一全球性之言,无地界,若中国亦有皇马球迷,海外亦有皇马球迷也。我想,中国之皇马球迷或好球队营土产之意,故其成于我最早始探短视频起作也。因其再试,偶有见为短视频意于我,一本最卑之创业也。汝本上有一部机或一台稍长的单反则造意,但要你作之意本欲有意。我时择于海外求其球迷达,其已系于本颇有风之球迷,且说在YouTube、Twitter上发物。我求其言,问之:“能不能要你为中国之球迷亦为之义,君素乃妄花二十至十五深所钟于赛后讲两句,我在中国之球迷社群和台上发此视频。”。”除此之外,我又寻了些海外之中学生,如英国之足球国,我则使学生去场门为街采。后,我以此法复制至世杯赛场。2016年欧洲杯在法举,我就把小遣伐为街采。

It is one of the "distorted research societies" that is the reality of the times. At that time, I saw that short videos are also charming, that is, they can be very low, and it does not take long, but your husband intentionally or in the hands of a group of fun, can also be passed on. This is called law, even if you shoot outside, in fact, it is also very humble. Lai Zhitai, the Minister of the time, asked for Weibo and Zhiqiu Emperor, so I was on fire on both sets. However, for a long time, I have been able to make this a reality for short and young videos. It becomes slightly more difficult. Those who carefully pay attention to the team should pay attention to it. For example, those who pay attention to Manchester United for a long time, those who pay attention to Real Madrid for a long time, the fans are the direct points. This person loves many things with the stars, games, I say for its fans, that is to say, it does not need constant attention at first sight. It's what I met for a while, and that's what's hard to change. Qingzhi became one of the "distorted research associations" after I changed to "distorted research associations". And I use the so-called short and young video to grasp its new ladder, which is also the basis of short video. Nowadays, the common people of my team and the technical team of video clipping all lie in the shortcomings of the sports video entrepreneurship at that time.时为之实“歪研会”之一形起。当时我见短视频也风韵在,即可以极低之本,且不费何日,但汝之夫有意或尔戬中了一群之兴也,则可为传。此之谓法,那怕你在外拍,其实本亦甚卑。时臣赖之台要微博与知球帝,于是两台上我都挺火者。然为之一久,吾得以此为青短视频诚存变之事也。其变为稍难者,以细想注球队者须分观之,如久注曼联之,久留心皇马之,球迷群为直分之。此人所爱之物多犹与球星、赛事有,吾为之球迷说,谓之为一看不必恒视。是我一时遇之也,此之所谓难变之。青之变为吾后转为“歪研会”之一也。而吾以谓青短视频握其新梯、为短视频之基也。今我团队之常人、掌视频剪辑之术团队,皆在于当时之体育视频创业之党短。

Today, the heart of the team is not me and Xiaogao. One is Zhang Ximanqing, who graduated from Peking University. He was formerly the chairman of the Football Association of Peking Sports University; another is Liu Qi, a doctor of Tsinghua University, who was the bishop of the team of South University; and Wu Girl Xing, who studied in the School of Art of Peking University. In the view of the general situation, 2016 will be the year when Chinese and foreign scholars work together differently. In September 2016, Su Shimin College in Tsinghua recruited its first students. In the past, Yanjing School in the North has been established. "All the way to the earth" is the beginning of the discussion. In that year, China was on the other hand, its people were on the other hand.今团队之心,非我与小高,有一位是北京大学卒业之张希曼青,其前为北体大者足协主席;又将去清华大学博士之刘祺读纹世,其前为南大学论队之主教;及在北京大学艺术学院念书的吴女孩星说。于时大势观之,2016年得为中外学者通事一殊异之岁。2016年九月,清华之苏世民书院招了第一届学生。而前此,北之燕京学已立。“地一路”为始议得较盛。那一年,中国则上,其民

The south is very cold in winter, not only because of temperature but also because of humidity. It feels chilly when it's wet. Some people say that it feels warmer when it's dry at minus 20 degrees than when it's wet at 20 degrees. There is no heating in the south. It's good to turn on air conditioning for heating. There's no air conditioning outside that needs defrosting. The functions of air conditioning include refrigeration, heating and dehumidification, and heating is more economical than refrigeration. The energy efficiency label of our vertical air conditioner indicates that the refrigeration season consumes 1288 electricity and the heating rate is 829. To be half as low, the electricity cost for a month is less than 200, and 600 yuan for a winter. When I was in college, a professor of philosophy who studied the history of thought said, "Are human beings really evolving? You have to wonder: Why don't we freeze as well as before? It can only be said that people become delicate when they have money. Human cold resistance is actually evolving.南方在冬天让人觉得很冷,不仅跟温度也跟湿度有关。潮湿时觉得刺骨的冷,有人说,干燥时零下20度也比潮湿的20度感觉暖和。南方没有暖气,开空调取暖就挺好,室外没有低到空调需要除霜。空调的功能就包括制冷、制热和除湿,而且制热比制冷还要省点。我家的立式空调其能效标识上注明,制冷季节耗电量1288,制热是829,要低接近一小半,开一个月电费也就不到200,一个冬天也就600块。我上大学的时候,一位研究思想史的哲学教授说,人类真的在进化吗?你要怀疑一下:为什么我们不像以前那样抗冻了?只能说,人一有钱就变得娇贵了。人类的抗寒能力其实是在进化。

According to Hesenberg's book The Homo sapiens Invading, Nanjing Homo erectus has a relatively high nose. According to some anthropologists, this kind of high nose is probably an adaptation to the cold environment, because the higher the nose is, the larger the space of the nasal cavity is, and the dry and cold air outside can be used with the nasal mucosa and blood in the nasal cavity. The tubes are fully exposed so that air is heated and warmed up before entering the lungs, so that the lungs are not harmed. The relationship between the nose and climate is still reflected in today's human society. The noses of Russians and Malaysians look distinctly different. The easiest way to resist cold is to wear clothes. The earliest human clothes were animal skins, which sounded very advanced, but smelly and dirty and did not fit well. About 180,000 years ago, the earth's climate began to cool gradually, which was undoubtedly a great test for the then hairless Homo sapiens and a strong motive for ancient humans to start dressing.河森堡在《进击的智人》一书中说,南京直立人有着相对高耸的鼻子,据一些人类学家推测,这种高耸的鼻子很可能是对寒冷环境的一种适应,因为鼻子越高耸,鼻腔的空间越大,外部干冷的空气可以和鼻粘膜以及鼻腔中的血管充分接触,使得空气在进入肺部以前,首先被加热、加温,这样便不会伤害到肺部。鼻子和气候之间的对应关系在今天的人类社会中依然有所反映,俄罗斯人的鼻子和马来西亚人的鼻子看起来明显不同。抗寒最简单的办法就是穿衣服。人类最早穿的是兽皮,听上去很高级,但又臭又脏,还不合身。大约18万年前,地球的气候开始逐渐变冷,这对于当时已经褪了体毛的智人来说,无疑是一个巨大的考验,也成为古人类开始穿衣服的强烈动机。

One evening in the late Paleolithic era, several wise men marched forward with spears and snowstorms. They were not satisfied with being exposed to extreme cold weather because they folded time again and stripped the thick fur of other species that would take hundreds of thousands or even millions of years to evolve and draped it directly over themselves. On the body. But as they marched through the snow, they couldn't help scratching themselves with their hands, because there were lice in their clothes sucking their blood. 1. Can hot drinks keep you warm? Coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, Gaulogo can even make you cold after drinking hot drinks, because when you drink hot drinks, the receiver on your tongue tells the brain that when it gets hot here, the brain will activate a mechanism to help the body cool down, that is, sweating.旧石器时代晚期的一个傍晚,几个智人手持长矛,顶着漫天风雪挺进,他们对暴露在极寒的天气之中不以为意,因为他们再次折叠了时间,将其他物种要数十万年乃至上百万年才能演化出的厚厚皮毛剥取下来,直接披在了自己的身上。只不过他们一边在风雪中挺进,一边忍不住用手在身上挠痒痒,因为衣服里有虱子吸他们的血。1. 喝热饮能让你变得暖和吗?咖啡,热茶,热巧克力,高乐高,喝了之后甚至会让你变冷,因为喝下热饮时,舌头上的接收器会告诉大脑,这里变热了,大脑就会启动机制,帮助身体降温,也就是流汗。

2. You need a hat when it's cold, because most of the heat is lost from the head? Some people say that 50 to 70 percent of the body's calories are lost from the head. But heat loss is related to how much skin is exposed, not to where it is exposed. The head accounts for only 10% of the body's heat loss. Covering the mouth and nose is really good. It makes the inhaled air hot and the lungs don't need to heat the air. 3. Don't wear too heavy. If you wear too heavy, pressure will affect blood circulation. Don't wear several layers of socks. If shoes or boots are too tight, they will limit the flow of blood. A pair of wet wool socks is better than two pairs of cotton socks.2. 天冷你需要帽子,因为大部分热量都是从头部流失的?有人说身体50%到70%的热量都是从头部流失的。但热量流失跟暴露的皮肤多少有关,而不是跟暴露哪个部位有关。头部只占身体热量流失的10%。盖住口鼻确实有好处,让吸入的空气变热,肺部就不需要给空气加热了。3. 不要穿得太笨重如果穿得太笨重,压力大到会影响血液循环。不要穿好几层袜子,那样的话鞋或靴子太紧,会限制血液流动。一双吸湿排汗的羊毛袜胜过两双棉袜。



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